Retrieval Practices: Expanding Your Toolbox
With so much information that we want our students to learn, it seems like our biggest focus should be on effectively giving the information to the students. Although this is important,...
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How to Learn Math
How to Learn Math for Teachers  by Sarah Gullett I recently had the opportunity to take a professional development course titled “How to Learn Math for Teachers” offered by ...
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This Blog Post Was Not Written By A Robot: Teaching In the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop at Westfield State University all about teaching writing in the age of Artificial Intelligence. In addition to myself and...
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Power of Retrieval Practice
In “Powerful Teaching”, Dr. Pooja Agarwal and Patrice Bain share their research-based findings about the science of learning. After several years of teaching and research, they provide...
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Engaging Students in Classroom Discussions: Strategies to Address Fear of Failure
Engaging Students in Classroom Discussions: Strategies to Address Fear of Failure Student engagement is considered a crucial aspect of a high-functioning classroom.  Students should...
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HCSS Teacher Evaluation
Our school’s mission statement: The Hampden Charter School of Science is a top-ranking tuition-free college preparatory school founded in 2009. The mission of the HCSS is to provide...
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Project Based Learning
What is Project Based Learning?  Project Based Learning: Explained. “Project Based Learning is a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning knowledge and skills through...
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Teacher Work-Life Balance
Managing Teacher Workload During the Regular School Day When I first started teaching in 2007,  I stayed after school hours grading and schlepped piles of papers home each weekend...
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The Disintegrating Student
In “The Disintegrating Student,” Dr. Jeannine Jannot provides helpful suggestions to parents to understand today’s teenagers’ struggles. She describes the disintegrating student as...
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Studying for the MTEL
Becoming a Massachusetts teacher takes more than caring about children, graduating from college, or knowing your subject matter. To become a certified teacher in Massachusetts you must...
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Math in Real Life (MIRL)
Math teachers know that providing real world context for mathematical concepts is so important for student engagement and understanding. Students focus and retain information better...
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Mindfulness Benefits Teachers and Students
There is no denying that one of the major issues facing students today is STRESS!  Students are experiencing stress at levels never seen before in history. One in every 10 preschoolers...
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